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The Nike Rapid Concept was born from a struggle many on the rise sneaker heads face during the wet winter months of the year. From pouring rain to icy snowstorms the sad truth is that many of them are forced to wear a pair of shoes they don't truly love. The people want a pair of shoes that can handle the worlds harshest wet climates and still be fly enough to be featured in New York Fashion week. The Nike Rapid Whitewater Experience will show first hand that the Nike ACG react trainer is that shoe. Taking product feature advertising to the next level, the Nike Rapid way.  


Nike will host the world's first Shoe-Raft Experience where participants will receive a pair of Nike ACG react trainers and then raft down some of American's biggest rapids. The raft will be built from the same materials as the ACG shoe to highlight the waterproofness of the shoe. The Nike ACG react trainers worn by the participants will speak for themselves and after rafting will be dry as they got them.


Water resistant shoes


Biodegradable bags  


AS nike strives to be more eco-friendly the next step is providing consumers with bags that positively impact the environment.


Introducing the

rapid biodegradable,



and  fashionable. 

Nike Rapid  


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